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Old 21st February 2013
Here for the gear

I just stumbled on this thread. I probably hand built those monitors -the speck paint suggests they are from fall 1995 or spring 1996 -I worked for Tom for about 2 years. That version had a driver OEM'd from Yamaha that he had them build-Tom spent months changing, tweaking, and switching components to get the right blend. He used Madonna and Prince most often for his real audio tests. lulz. Those were great speakers in their day -I still have some of the plans and diagrams for his various inventions including the great back electret piano/drum mic -I use it for high hats alot

Fletcher had it right, If you were completely straight up with Tom he was great -he was a big influence on me -I learned a lifetime's worth of stuff in my time working for him -Often it was running a session, building speakers and mics, or going over to do something for Mike Clark. If you crossed him though -look out -he had zero time for bull**** -No patience for anything not completely on the table.