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The GEM Equinox was actually a step up on these series of boards. Still own two of them and it is a great MIDI controller and the Equinox Pro also has the RealPiano samples loaded in and a B3 emulator with 8 sliders to support the 9 drawbars. Demo sounds:

Equinox 61
Well, yes and no. It was step-back by omitting polyaftertouch, larger screen and even sound quality. S -serie contains 18-bit DACs whereas i belive Equinox contains only 16-bit or worse. I have owned Equinox 88 pro and by comparison it was significally more darker and grainier sounding while the S -serie is much more brighter and HiFi.

While the synthesis engine was still basically same but they added something more like SCSI (optional), Groove mode, more Polyphony, more layers and so on. Take a look here where I did some feature comparison:

Generalmusic S3 turbo and Equinox 88 pro! I am in ... - Harmony Central