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I also have something like a collection of images of every possible sample disk that is compatible with generalmusic, including all the images of original generalmusic floppies. With old DOS program (which works only in real DOS), I can copy any of them back to floppy disk and load it into my generalmusic.

Oh, hi Paolo! It was you who said that the synthex presets would be merely samples!

But yes, it's very good sign that there's not much of interests for Generalmusic because it won't get part of the hypes! Lower interests, the lower prices

Originally Posted by Rob Ocelot View Post
GEM's aftertouch is easy to play in the way Vangelis does it.
Well, I can tell you, the aftertouch of CS -series is completely different to any other synths. I own CS-50 and there's no softer aftertouch on earth! They use optical aftertouch instead of pressure sensitivity. It means that there's literally a light bulb beneath the keyboard and a flap. The flap moves according to key and as much as the light is revealed, it determines the amount of modulation. The feeling is completely different when there's minimal pressure involved...

Oh yes, and I have seen way more Vangelis stuff than you can even dream about!