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When we did the re-issues of "Off-The-Wall" and "Thriller"....

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hello bruce,
one simple question concerning the re-issues of the "thriller" and "off the wall" albums, what do you think of those new mastering some 20 years after the first masterings to cd. Do you think it reflects more your mixes?

Thank you


When we did the re-issues of "Off-The-Wall" and "Thriller" I was present at the mastering sessions with my old pal Bernie Grundman. The re-issue masters were made with my original mixes from the origiinal 1/2" master tapes. I think they sound rather good...

Isn't it amazing how people like to take "POT SHOTS" at Michael, and our music as well???

I do think the re-issue CD's reflect what I had in mind originally with my mixes better than the original releases on 12 inch vinyl....

Bruce Swedien