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They can, but the algorithm is assigned, "carried" when an instrument is sampled/resampled thru FX and to my knowledge, fixed.. The only variation in this case in the effects buses in each algorithm, such as delay/chor/rvb.
If you are thinking about having a distortion on one instr. and delay on the other, only one algo can be modulated in real time. You will have to resample the loop or phrase with modulation (wheel, pressure, pitch, etc.) in advance.
There ARE limits being only 16 MB, and any noticeable signal "degredation" is heard when pitching several octaves down. Even then, i think a run thru one of the semitone pitch algos and EQ will compensate.
Any other tips and tricks, feel free to msg. me.
Manuals are generally pretty *&[email protected] it really does take some intuitive planning.
Is it possible to add an effect to just 1 key (1 chop)? Or can you only add effects to full instrument tracks?