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I'm curious. I recorded a really killer performance the other day yet the final result was that I'd done something wrong - there's a muddiness somewhere in the 200-600hz range (I won't say which so as not to "spoil" the answers). The question then is, "What caused it?"
later this week I will get the chance to record it again and I'll be able to tell empirically.
What I find very strange about this thread is that one on hand you seem to have a very practical problem in which you are seeking the advice of other engineers so you can improve next time. Great. This is one of advantages of the GS community.

But on the other hand you seem to want to engage in some academic and esoteric exercise in which you deliberately withhold information that may help someone actually help you address your boominess problem.

I think you have your answer - with enough information about the instrument, room, chain, and placement, as well as a clip, someone might be able to identify the source of the boominess. If I am your client I hope you chose to share this info before I pay for another boomy track.