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Originally Posted by joeq View Post
If you want to know if I can tell boom, room, or zoom from listening to YOUR audio clip, maybe. It might even be obvious.
Well, cutting through all the BS, you've answered the question. Your answer is "maybe".

I really don't understand what happened to this thread - why the vitriol, bull****, and unhelpful responses. I think it's both an interesting and a worthwhile question: if you're given an acoustic guitar clip that is poorly recorded, can you tell what the problem is without having to be spoonfed every little detail about the session?

I'm confident that I'd be able to tell whether someone else's clip was out of phase without knowing every little detail. I'm confident whether I'd be able to tell whether there was too much room in someone else's clip without knowing every little detail. And in both cases, I would be able to communicate "How to fix it so it doesn't happen again" to them. I'm not confident, however, that I can tell whether or not the problem is boominess, proximity effect, or body resonance without more information. And even if I had more information, I'm not sure I could answer with 100% accuracy without troublshooting/re-recording. So I asked the question so that I could see whether I was deficient in my knowledge, or whether it was an "It depends" situation.