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Finally - that's in the vein I'm looking for. So by your definition, boominess and proximity effect are inseparable with directional mics?
Well, all directional mics have some sort of proximity effect, and if you put them close up and AT THE SAME TIME in a place where it just sounds boomy, like in front of the hole, then there is no way to say which is causing the problem, because both are. Together.

But you might recognise some of the shape of sound you end up with from a certain mic you use a lot and knowing what it does when pulled up too close to stuff. However, this should happen WHEN you position the bugger and adjusted for. To state the obvious.

So if you say dreadnought with a U87 right up on the hole in cardioid I would expect a few people will recognise the shape of the wrongness it will cause together.

Not sure how any of this helps you though??