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If I gave you a poorly recorded acoustic guitar track, could you tell me...

Could you tell me whether or not the problem was:
  • Proximity effect
  • Boominess from mic placement
  • Body resonance
If so, how?

I'm curious. I recorded a really killer performance the other day yet the final result was that I'd done something wrong - there's a muddiness somewhere in the 200-600hz range (I won't say which so as not to "spoil" the answers). The question then is, "What caused it?"

Can you tell, from listening, the difference between PE, boominess from bad mic placement, and an obnoxious body resonance? If so, how?

And, if it matters, later this week I will get the chance to record it again and I'll be able to tell empirically. The question is not, "Can you tell by process of elimination?" though...