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Old 7th February 2013
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The most you can do is have each wavesample within an instrument use one effect differently.
Go to edit*instrument
Put out = "wavesample"

Then you can edit each wavesample by edit*amp, and specify what bus you want.

You can edit Bus 1 and Bus 2 differently, so there are different variations of the same effect, but you cannot use more than one effect at a time. Re-sampling does downgrade quality slightly, but not significantly; however, if you're using something like a delay, it'll really hack into your sample time (you'd be sampling the entire tail of the delay, instead of just the length of the regular wavesample).

The ASR's effects are still kick-ass--even today. While you are limited in how many of them you can use at once, you could figure out which ones you like the most, that are unique to the ASR, and put other, more general effects on your samples after you dump the beat into your DAW. Like, if you wanna put reverb AND a filter on a beat, put the reverb on later in your DAW. There's some crazy sh*t in the ASR's onboard fx.