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Here for the gear


I agree with both assessments. I have been featured on the Reverbnation home page and immediately got about 200 new "fans", but also about lots of new emails for my mailing list. My #32 chart position (Electronically, Brooklyn NY) I think keeps me in the forefront of awareness but I don't put much stock in whether its actually doing anything significant for me in terms of sales and such.

Bookers and festival promoters don't care about your Reverbnation numbers, and while I have submitted to dozens of their "opportunities" in two years I've gotten exactly zero bites. I do get lots of "fan" follows from other bands and honestly most of them are awful. I will fan back to be polite. But I consistently get messages and comments from bands there who say how much they love my music, and they don't ask for anything in return. Bands are also people and music lovers. If you're good you CAN use reverbnation to grow your fan base somewhat, also maybe for networking gigs with other bands. But I'm sure chart position is nothing to get too excited about. Is it worth it? The tools are handy too I suppose. I'd say Reverbnation is of nominal value and I wouldn't spend too much time "working" it