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Don't EVER cconfuse a JBL 4310 with a 4311.

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Dear Bruce,

I saw your JBL 4310-11 in your Book (Page 158).Which Album & song are you mixing in that picture with them?

Did you use them a lot in that days?

Please tell me your experiences with JBLs.

Tusen tak
Serkan, my Friend.....

Great!!! You are actually readiing my book!!!! Wonderful!!!

Don't EVER confuse a JBL 4310 with a JBL 4311. Very different! The 4311 is pure Dog-doo... In the photo on page 158 that is one of my JBL 4310's. I had at least three pairs of JBL 4310's at the time. I eventually wore them all out!!!

Of course I had two on top of the console, at the time...

By The Way - That cute guy behind me in that photo is none other than Ed Cherney.... He was working as my assistant then... Fantastic Young Dude, by the way... He still is....

Bruce Swedien