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WOW!!! What a microphone!!!

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Bruce: can you tell us more about NU-47 Martin Kantola?

WOW!!! What a microphone!!!

The NU-47 is an extremely high quality, prototype Microphone designed and built by my good friend Martin Kantola, who hails from the Swedish speaking part of Finland. I first met Martin in 1992 in Helsinki, Finland, when I was doing a Master Class at the Sibelius Academy. Both Martin and I are fascinated by the Art of Microphone Design. The basic concept behind the NU-47 was to make the most capable hyper-fidelity Microphone possible, designed expressly for the recording of featured Solo Sound Sources in modern music recording.

Of course, it’s a fantastic vocal microphone. There have been only three NU-47's made. One was made for Icelandic singer Björk, who absolutely loves the sound of this incredible new microphone. She told us that, "It captures both the small and the big sounds that I make!"

Martin has one, and I have one...

Why would anyone want to build another high-quality large capsule condenser microphone? Hasn’t that been done, many times over? Well yes, to a degree. To be absolutely truthful it has been done, with some undeniable success.....

However, we want to use a different approach! For instance, the motto we have chosen for ourselves is “Ears First!” Or perhaps better yet we should say “Music First!”

The NU-47 is a new ultra-high quality microphone that has a real purpose behind it. A microphone that is far more than merely technically excellent. Far more than is just good engineering. This microphone will be a product of the Highest Art of Microphone design.

Music recording is the selective recreation of of a “real” acoustic event. Our new Microphone will hear the musical world in the way it was meant to be heard. We're working in the true spirit of the real Microphone Pioneers!

Bruce Swedien