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Fabulous posts! Talk about a nice walk on a fine day through musical history! Uhm... there's just one problem... I think that your short time as a guest moderator has been extended to a year... you'll receive word in the mail soon... heh (MANY A TRUE WORD HAS BEEN SAID IN JEST! - Jules GS Admin)

Also, a year or two ago, I had the chance to travel up and work at your "old room" off of Nicolette in Minneapolis. Very nice facility! The owner (Steve, correct?) spoke dearly of you and has a fine appreciation of the facility. But, it seems like it's more of a hideout for the "Peterson family gang" to hole up in!!! heh You can see the walls of the building swelling with talent. Also, I work with John Bettis from time to time (co-writer on "Human Nature"). Nothing funnier than watching him sing that song at a writer's night here in Nash-vegas! heh

Many thanks again... you are a gentleman and a mentor for generations to come!