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Old 22nd January 2013
Here for the gear


I have a pair of Yamaha HS80M's. I do not currently use a subwoofer, but I am considering adding one. Reason being that, if you have any kind of good bass patches at all (including real electric bass guitar), you will have frequencies on your mix that are lower than the HS80's go, but not by much.
The HS80's are the industry go-to monitors now, they are nearly absolutely perfect in their flat response across the audio spectrum. They do not color or add or take away from anything in your mix.
Regarding the comment that they are too bassy, this could be true, depending on how you have your monitors arranged in your control room, how your room is treated, etc. If you have to have them close to a wall (like most of us do), there are bass rolloff controls on the back of each speack. You can roll off 2 db on the low end for starters, which is how I operate mine. This compensates for room backtalk, standing waves, and resonance at low frequencies that you don't want. You can roll the bass off more if you wish.
The krk subwoofer is good, but it does color the bass end quite a bit, which is why one may think they sound better than the HS10. In reality, what you are hearing are additions to your recorded mix at the low end. If you are trying to mix or master, this will really fool you, and your final product may sound thin on regular stereos. If you are trying to create the best demo's or finished product, this is exactly what you don't want. Put the Krk's in your living room instead and turn up the volume.
In short, the HS80's, with your control room tweaked (I use corner bass traps, which are cheap, and lots of wall treatment with foam squares), in addition to rolling off the bass on the HS80's 2 db - you will have the most realistic and true monitors available at any price that also sound great.