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Milton T. “Bill” Putnam.
Bruce, I purchased Cello (formerly Western Recorders of United/Western) in January and we're in the process of remodelling the non-technical areas of the facility (with Phillipe Starck) which were in need of some TLC.

Although I never met Bill in person, I have inherited part of his “Sonic Personality”, as these recording rooms, which haven't been altered since the 60s when they were constructed have a magical sound that makes every instrument I've ever heard in them sound special.

So, even though you had the good fortune of knowing and working with Bill, I feel a connection also, and many many musicians, engineers and producers working in our studios thank him almost on a daily basis.

One request, when you have the time, please come and record the brass project we have discussed many times. I don't want to do it with someone else, I want to do it with the master.

Doug Rogers