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I've worked with a studio owner who wanted to set up his whole foldback set up around a pre tape cue send. He had it in his idea that the board was intended to be used that way...
I am going to assume you are talking about me. The board in question is a 1975 Neve 8024 and judging from the fact that the board has 4 factory labeled 'foldback' sends on the channel input side, the console WAS INTENDED to be used this way. A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, overdubbing was not standard practice when recording to multi-track tape, which explains why Neve gave the input side of the console 4 foldback cues vs the 2 overlapping foldback cues on the monitor side. I have been using foldback sends from both sides of the board without hassle, but we recently switched to a more convenient monitoring system.

The Studer outputs are multed into 24 channels of PTHD along with a normal to the analog monitor side of the Neve. The channel sends in PT are set to PRE fader and are used to feed the 8 inputs of the Langevin Headphone System, while PT's master fader output is used for control room monitoring by feeding a stereo return on the Neve. Having recallable monitoring templates is a wonderful luxury when recording to tape through a 30 year old console. Plus, dumping to PT at the end of the reel is now a breeze.