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Are you serious? Fletcher? Tape has no "sound?"

Originally Posted by danasti View Post
Well said! I like honesty, what a concept.

Come on guys, I know you enjoy saying things for effect from time to time, but are you seriously going to say you "don't know the sound of tape.."?

Are you going to tell me that a mix down to 1/2" tape sounds the same as back into your DAW?

So, a Portico 5042 isn't emulating anything?

A Fatso Jr. isn't designed for a specific tape...ish sound?

Or is tape so subtle that you would honestly recomend I just use a ortico 5042 to a Masterlink and it's as good as handing a tape master to Bernie Grundman, Sterling or whomever?

(Not meant to be argumentative..maybe a little, but I'm sincere.)

I'm genuinly interested...if only because I'm grappling with similair issues.

So, if I'm looking for the best (yes, subjective) mxdown medium, you'd say 1/2" tape is no better or worse than a Masterlink or Tascam DSD because the "sound" is an unknown quantity?