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Old 3rd September 2006
Here for the gear
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I'm in this same boat. You start off with computer recording and weak sounding plug-ins....start adding analog pieces...hear how much better things sound...add some more...start to get disillusioned w/computers....hear how good everything sounds at Tiny Telephone or CRC and want to make the switch to analog. Unfortunately it's tough to get rookie advice to help make the jump. This is one of the few sources around, but you risk asking naive ?s and getting mocked w/ goofy smiley faces. Which I guess isn't such a big deal in the whole scheme of things.....

But does anyone have any places where those 1st ?s can be answered? The site was helpful but I would love to find more specific advice on using a deck---just got a 2 track Ampex 440c to mix down to (post-summing) and would love more guidance before destroying some new tape.....

side note: it seems like most go back into pro-tools after that odd or is it just me? I thought that after sending it through an Equinox it made most sense to keep analog till mastering, hence the 2 track. But from most threads it seems like most send it back to pro-tools. Anything I'm missing??