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It's about context...

If you're a seasoned pro with a locker full of mics it's a great "go to" for so many applications though probably not the "best" on anything specific. It will always produce what can be deemed as an "acceptable" sound. In relative terms at 2K, it's, by top pro standards almost a "bargain one size fits all mic".

To the middle range, making a name for yourself, it's probably your first "aspirational mic purchase" and you really want to love it and you forgive it, its' so many foibles for so long, as 2K was actually a sizeable lump to fork out on it so you're determined to see it in its' best light. Eventually, you notice, if you're using digital, that slight whispiness and upper mid range dip, are actually, in the context of dropping 2K on it, not actually the boon they were with analogue tape.

If it's your big purchase for you own home studio. I can't honestly say I'd could counsel dropping 2K on one unless it's the perfect fit for your voice.