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Okay, let me back up a little bit.. I hate them on vocals. Honky in the mids, loose and floppy in the low end, annoying on the top. Lots of other great vocal mics out there for the price. They are useful and versatile for a lot of applications, but I've never heard it kill on any application. I like to throw one up when shooting out mics because it is predictable and easy to reference against. Haven't used vintage ones more than a couple times, so I don't have any comparison to the ai.
I'll agree that an ai on the wrong voice can come across as harsh and/or sibilant on the top end (it's not the mic for thin or strident voices) but I am curious to know what non-tube condensor mics you prefer. For the money spent I get a ton of mileage out of my KSM-32s and, like I said the Bock 195 is a great mic for $1000. Obviously there are plenty of great tube mics for vocals but I'm wondering what FET condensors you prefer to the U87 as far as having a stereo pair that work well on most any source.