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Wow, this thread brings back memories of my formative years in a Utah studio.

Cliff! You may not remember me but I used to work at Megaton Studios in Orem with Maxx Payne (Darryl) and Luciano Pesci. I think we had almost every piece of Nightpro gear you made back in those days (late 90's) and needless to say, we were all great fans of it. All of my early recordings were made using the PreQ preamps (we had three quad boxes) and the EQ3D we had I used on anything imaginable because it simply sounded great on everything. I also used to come to your studio occasionally for workshops when I was attending recording classes at UVSC (UVU). I took a lot away from those workshops and consider them vital to my progression as an engineer. Thanks for that!

Anyway, I don't want to sound like a fan boy, but all NTI/Nightpro and I'm sure Maag audio hardware is of the utmost quality! There has never been a box produced by you guys that I've not liked and I wish you guys many successes in the future.