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I love the one in my UAD card. To be frank - it does stuff my Bricasti and Lexiconpcm96 cannot do IMHO.

I sold my PCM96. But then I missed it, so I picked up a PCM92 at a great price.

Between Bricasti, Lexicon and EMT250 - all reverb bases are covered for me. (In fact, maybe too much).

(Of course the opposite is true as well).

P.S. Let's not make this a Bricasti/Lexicon war thread. Those are getting really stale. They are both great. And so is the EMT250. (even the one in the UAD)

Sorry to say this, but check out the thread where Bricasti owners can't tell the difference between it and the Behringer v-verb. Says a lot not only about digital gear, but also expensive gear in general. The v-verb is only about $100, at least try it out.