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Oh, your wit astounds're able to write all these big words and patronise me, flaunting your 20 years gone experience in a non-music related field, yet you were the one proved wrong after telling me conversion had no'll have to forgive me if I don't take your design credentials seriously.

I have never claimed to be a converter designer, but I have used, tested and experimented a lot in the course of my AUDIO work - I know the effects of converter latency and why it should be a consideration! you did yet missed a significant factor involved in their design. Doesn't look good does it?

Throw all the words you like at me, try to baffle me with the jargon, but the fact remains that you stated something that was completely incorrect, then patronised those of us who got it right, and now you're trying to score points on the pedantic point that word clock may or may not affect latency at the sub-sample level, whilst simultaneously trying to sweep under the carpet that you weren't aware of the multi-sample delay of your average converter.

I don't have 20 years experience. I had an intern job 20 years ago for 5 months while I was in school, it was a 1 semester cop-op thing. I ended up changed majors, I never did electronics. When I worked on semiconductors I was actually a Chem Eng student, I did cv deposition, I switched majors and haven't done any of that since.

Regardless, I originally stated there was no noticeable latency between
AUDIO converters I have used. I also stated the only latency I knew of with ADC was while encoding and due to clock propagation delay of gates. You claimed "Latency and clocking are not related" with A/D converters, and that's incorrect.

page 19

"Figure 14B shows a timing diagram"