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Just found this post. The trucks mentioned earlier are pretty much the top group. There's maybe a couple more rigs specialized in classical, and maybe one more in the Osaka area worthy of consideration, but that depends on where and the type of gig.

I tend to prefer SCI, since I have worked with them before and a lot of my friends have too. Tamco is more for TV broadcasts and stuff that have sync involved. SCI are equally adept at these gigs also, but in terms of general $ flow, Tamco is more corporate, SCI more music biz.

SCI also own SES, which is THE rental company in Tokyo for pro audio. I worked with SES last year in arranging some recordings in non studio type places for an album and they supplied a lot of the mic pre's, etc. They even built some custom stuff for the project and their maintenance man is very old school and effective.

I have no experience with the NHK trucks, but I'm sure they are very capable.

If you are recording a show/tour with promoters, depending on who the PA/SR company is, they may be able to organize their own recording rig or sub-contract something for you. If they sub-contract, the gig usually goes to SCI or Tamco.