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I currently have an RME Fireface 800 and want to add 8 nice pres which I can bring in through Adat. Perhaps the MR816X in standalone mode might do the trick. I also own a Digimax FS 8 channel mic pre. I have also considered the Audient ASP008 which is a lot more money than the MR816, but it would allow me to record at 96 Khz compared to the MR816 at 48 Khz.

When used in standalone mode do the individual volume knobs still work for each input channel? If not, do you just adjust the volume through software? If you are just using software for adjusting volume are the pres set at 100% volume level, and if so, does this cause noise issues from the pres?

The 816 works at 96k. There is no way to control the mic pre gain from any software that I am aware of. You always have to adjust the gain with the knobs for each individual channel.

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