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It is my experience that there are different amount's of residual latency times on all these different brands of converters, by design.

If you pass similarly phase related material (a kick drum mic into one AD and your overheads into another AD) you are going to have an issue.
That would mean the slave is not really a good slave. Usually this happens as a result of latency due to the DAW, the multiplexer interface and not the converters themselves. Every drum session I have ever done I double or triple mic the kick
and snare, the way my stuff is setup it just so happens the kick drums end up getting tracked over 3 different converters. Never had a phase issue in 10 years of doing this. And this is even having 2 mics side by side. so phase could technically be inherit due to mic distance relationship in itself. Still never had a problem. If there is a latency delay because of a converter just go into the DAW and nudge the bogus track(s), problem solved. How much could it be off? let's not get carried away here. It is a couple milliseconds max