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Completely wrong.

ALL converters have different latency times.
None of the ones I used had different latency times if there was it was not negligible. Again, clock them properly. Use a solid driver like ASIO and a good DAW like Cubase and there is no latency internally, at loopback, let a alone differences between units.

Currently I have a 2192, and an apogee Rosetta all clocked to a burl via lightpipe into an RME 9652. Not an issue. since I bought the RME 10+ years ago. I'm sure cheaper hardware, incorrect clocking and bad drivers, bad cables could cause issues.

Too be honest I haven't read or heard the word latency in over 10 years until I saw this post. I haven't had latency issues since the early/mid 90s when I used protools/soundtools on a mac quadra then a power pc. Plugin latency was horrible then. Hardware was bad. Went to samplitude then cubase and never had an issue since maybe 1996 with latency internally with plugins or externally with hardware.

If 2 converters have different latencies theses days there clocking is malfunctioning, you have bad word clock cables or you PC drivers are buggy or your interface is broke or poorly designed . Either that or you are using a 486 cpu or something with an ISA buss that just can't communicate fast enough. Seriously. If a setup in 2013 has latency it's a broken setup. Tim to buy some new toys.

If you are having problems with latency with multiple A/D units have a qualified tech check out your setup .There could be a few things causing it like bad drivers, cables, improper clocking settings even noise/interference can mess with a clock
and cause issues. I've used alt east 10 different A/D converters over the last 11 years clocking 3-4 at a time with the RME never ever had an issue. Not even 32ms of latency. Since with direct monitoring is is hardware so it is zero. I'm sure o nthe hardware level there is some latency but it is so small it not noticeable.

I'm curious what devices have you used that had different latencies?