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Lives for gear

I had that "Thriller" guitar for a few months back in 1996-ish.

David Williams had a house on Martha's Vineyard (where I was living at the time) and he used to sit in with my band. We became friends and he ended up lending me that very guitar.

Oddly enough it was an Ibanez strat copy (I think he said from the early 70's) and if I remember correctly it had Seymour Duncan stacked pickups in it (I know that doesn't seem to make sense cause all those MJ songs sound so single coil-ish but that's how I remember it).

At the time I had a guitar custom built to be just like it (even got those same pickups) but it ended up sounding nothing like it at all so I sold it shortly after completing it

Bruce, do you keep in touch with David? I haven't heard from him in many years.

He is the BB King of rhythm guitar. Very few notes but funky as anyone!

I remember at the time his discography was incredible (Rufus and Chaka, Madonna, MJ, Rod Stewart, Whitney, Elton, Tears for Fears, Go West etc...)