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Hello, Bruce Swedien,

could it be..

A pair of Neumann M49's in Blumlein-Configuration. I once read in an article, that you use to position the choir in a circle around the microphones and that this setup is able to capture even the physical movements of the choir.

Before recording, the acoustic environment is 'predesigned' with an array of tube-traps to meet your demands of the right reflection-absorbance mix of the emitting soundfield from the choir.

Last, I think, there might be a little blend of EMT 250 reverb. I don't know that device (we had only a 244 at the Electronic Studio of our Conservatory, that sounded quite different compared to a Lexicon reverb), but, as my sound memory doesn't betray me, I can recall a silvery shimmer in the reverb-tail, that is said, is unique to that device.

But please don't nail me to the cross, if I might be wrong.