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Ok so I have uploaded 3 files. Each file contains 1 section which is looped 4 times. The first 2 loops are a modified U87 (specifically modified to tackle the boxy/honky/dark 87 signature sound) and the last 2 loops are a stock U87.

To make this more clear: Modified U87-Modified U87-Stock U87-Stock U87.

All files are the exact same take at 96/24.

Vox: Source a bit distant from mics.

AcGtr: Source closer to mics to amplify resonances.

Drums: Nothing can test mics like the room position in front of drums. This is just to show what's really under the hood of the modified mic. My favorite would be something in between - the mod for this mic was done with close-miking in mind.
Thanks for the upload. I'm not sure I understand the process... all the files are the exact same take? I assume you mean that the four takes in each file are the same. If so does that mean you had the signals playing out of a monitor in front of the microphone? So when you are talking about sources, you're not talking about the instruments... or are you and I'm way off here.

Big difference on the drums... great openness and less boxy build-up in the mids.