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A colleague of mine praised the DBM50s for having solid bass, so it could be my pair is faulty. I sent Dynaudio a mail about it. Curious to hear what they say about it, because the mids on the DBM50s are really nice.
After using mine for a while longer in this far from ideal room- Id have to second this. Not as much low bass as Im used to from running other Dynaudio's. Especially as I was expecting lots of low end as per the 1st experience on this thread.

This became more apparent after I wrote my 1st message in this thread- as I now have them off the desk and further back on stands-low bass response much diminished.

Its nice to have someone with the same opinion in this, as I was wondering it it was wholly being caused by the room or some other overlooked factor.

I do a bunch of electronic stuff, as a frame of reference.