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Originally Posted by TinderArts View Post
If I need 2 hours to automate EQ for a single vocal then I'll use a different mic and possibly a different room.
Room will not be a big part of a pop vocal but yeah thats the idea. Minimize the amount of EQ auto you need to do - unless you're working on an indie record in which case there is no such thing as EQ auto heh

Originally Posted by Jeff Hayat View Post
The small space U87 blows the doors off of the 414. Not that the 414 sounds bad; it doesn't. But the U87 has alot more body and character. Yes, the 414 does have something going for it up there in the his.
Not to discredit the test which was well done, but singing and speaking are apples and oranges.

Originally Posted by TRJanuary View Post
I'm happy to explain. Which statement are you talking about?
The part that "If it was honky enough that it needed EQ to be usable, we would never use them here". Care to share a track with a vocal 6" away on a U87 without any EQ?

Hang tight y'all... I'll upload a small test a little later...