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No I do have a flood policy but to be honest IT is not a federal but through Lloyds in case
any gear or anything else is either in the first floor garage or out on rental or loan.
The only things I felt screwed on in my IKE claim was a Guitar and a 414eb that were out on loan and were not covered!

Also MO law according to what I have learned so far is not clear as to how a storm that Would Cause water Damage Via the Large Windows of my loft so $60 a month extra means no matter what I'm covered ( lesson 1 post Katrina even though 99 .9precent of flood insurance is federal there is no universal standard of what is flood and what water damage is not)!
I am used to spending close to 3-4k a year on Insurance not count ing med or car so 2k for pretty much bullet proof coverage is a bargain!