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Microphone test

So as promised, here's a little test I did. NOT SCIENTIFIC IN THE SLIGHTEST... it will simply give you a general sense of the tone of these two mics in relation to each other. The output of the U87 is much higher than the C414. This was compensated by bringing down the gain on the preamp. (To be noted... this is a C414EB with the ck12 capsule mastefully cleaned-up by Klaus Heyne.)

First pair of recordings: mic in the middle of a dry medium-sized room (13' x 15' x 10'). My mouth is directly infront of the capsule at a distance of around 8". No EQ, no compression.

Second pair of recordings: in the same room, same position, though this time I created a small booth-like space with three panels (about 3' x 3') around the mic. There's a gentle hi-pass on both of these... starting at 100Hz, dipping down 10dB at 50Hz, 20dB at 25Hz.

The first test is a fairer one when discussing the tone of the microphones considering that there is no phase issues being created by reflections.

You'll notice a little more energy in the 300-500Hz range for the U87. And a definite peak in energy at 1900Hz, which expands outward from around 1000Hz to 3000Hz. The C414EB demonstrates a push in the sibilance range and upward... 5000Hz to 10000Hz.

With the CK12 capsule, there is a naturalness in the mids and a sparkle in the highs that I love and prefer for vocals as long as the singer's voice isn't sibilant. If it is sibilant, I stick with the U87 and EQ out what I feel gives honkiness to the voice. On the other hand, the mid-forwardness of the U87 is perfect for voice overs... not to mention it is a crazy quiet microphone.

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