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Does this mean that when using the cardioid-only mod, where only one side of the capsule is active, there is no longer a phasing effect caused by the double backplate seeing as the other backplate is deactivated?
The "cardioid-only"- setting removed the rear half of the capsule electrically from the circuit (it's permanently attached to the circuit in the original U87 model.) "Cardioid only" improves the s/n of the mic by 4dB, and adds clarity to the mic in cardioid pattern, compared to stock.

The acoustic properties of the K87/870/67, including the acoustic delay network, which after all shapes the pattern, some of the frequency response, sonic texture and proximity behavior of the mic, remain the same- stock or modded.

By the way: Neumann implemented the 'cardioid only' setting and its advantages in its U87Ai model.