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Old 19th December 2012
Here for the gear
I have compared the D5s to my Mackie HR624Mkiis and Mackie MR5s. I use the 624s in the living room as hifi speakers and midfield mixing and the MR5s in my little studio as monitors. I replaced each pair of Mackies with the D5s and listened to some of my mixes. Here are my impressions-

In the living room setup, compared to the 624s, the D5s have a slight midrange coloration, less dynamic range, less treble detail, and less bass. The 624s have a bigger "soundstage" but the D5s are slightly more solid at the center image.

In the nearfield environment, compared to the MR5s, the D5s are slightly smoother top to bottom and have a slightly smaller but clearer stereo image.

So, I'd recommend the Mackies HR624mkiis for mid-field or hifi over the D5s (I got the 624s on ebay for 550 bucks) and the D5s over the MR5s for nearfields.

What was interesting was how similar the overall balance of all the speakers was - this goes to show how accurate today's monitors are in all the price ranges.