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Old 19th December 2012
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I guess I have been overruled on the capsule cleaning issue.

The basis of my information is this:

I have a pair of early 1980's U87s that I have used almost everyday for 15 years, occasionally on "big stars." The only time they exhibit anything that sounds even remotely unnatural in the midrange is, every few years when they are good and dirty, there is a distinctive 700-800 "boxy sensation" that just sounds weird. After service, mics are back to normal, IE, absolutely NO EQ needed or desired for vocal recording.

BTW, these mics have never been modded in any way, although I would love for Klaus to play with them sometime when I can be without them for awhile.

I would have to agree with Vernier, use a different mic entirely if you perceive the 87 as being honky.