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Oh dear.......


well, i am SORRY for not being quite up on the nomenclature of the tape machine.

i did not know that a record head was also called a sync head.

i did some basic tape machine "theory" as you might call it in college but had no opportunity to use the damn things. not the best course in audio engineering in the world by a long shot, but the best available where i live. i'm trying to make the best of what limited oppotunities there are for me here and am fully commited to creating those that are lacking for myself.

so, i came here to ask for advice from those who have the experience that i don't and whose opinions i respect... and i suppose even some of those i might not.

this is a labour of love for me, as someone else has pointed out.

i am fascinated by the prospect of getting my head around using tape properly and effectively. (pardon the pun)

so, since there is noone where i live that can offer me said experience i will have to dive in and try to gain it for myself.

now, if you feel that this is so silly and foolish or such then i suppose you have every right to take the mick out of me with trite comments on a public forum.

or perhaps you might respect my wishes and my commitment to go this alone.

i see that you're into the christianity thing.

so, which of these responses do you think fits that bill?

thank you to those who have offered me advice and / or encouragement.

i'm gonna get my damn Studer and balls to those who think i can't handle it or don't deserve it.

once upon a time even you had to learn.