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Studio ‘A’ at Universal Recording in Chicago was a very sizable studio. As I recall the dimensions were close to 75 feet in length by 50 feet in width with a 30 foot ceiling height. The control room was raised to the second story level. To enter the control room you had to go up a flight of stairs. Looking down into the studio from the control room, I remember the “Duke” sitting at the piano during a ‘Take’ with a very thoughtful expression on his face. Then he would scribble a little four-bar ‘riff’ on a scrap of music paper and quietly tippy-toe around the studio during the ‘take’. Of course he did this while we were actually recording. He would show this fragment of music paper to the saxes, the trumpets, then the trombones. At the appropriate musical moment, Duke would stand in the middle of the band, raise his arms and with a great sweeping motion, conduct this little gem, and it would become part of the arrangement. The notes on that little bit of paper would become a part of music history. I always get “goose bumps” when I think about being a part of events such as this.
I got goose bumps just reading it!