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Old 18th December 2012
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For the WIN

I'm not a big reverb snob. I don't listen to the tails of verbs and sniff disdainfully at the "bouquet". That said I've been quite satisfied (for several years) with a couple of UAD verbs and Altiverb. I demo'ed this new Valhalla verb on a whim. Previously I thought Valhalla Room was cool but didn't particularly suit my needs (which have been met by the above mentioned plugins). So... this new VintageValhallaVerb is something special. I like it. I like what it does for the kind of deep thumpy snares that I lean towards. I like what it does for fingered nylon string guitar. I like the way that it melds itself to the source material so easily.

I'm hitting the road for a couple of months with nothing but my laptop so I'm leaving my UAD verbs behind for a while. This new Valhalla verb is going to be all I use until next summer. I think it will do.

Thank you Sean. Your work is an inspiration.