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Bruce, that's really the most enjoyable piece of writing I've read for quite a while. Thanks very much for that.

Now, I love the gearslutz forum, and I wouldn't knock what I love too much, but the forum can sometimes be a little... ahem... inbred, and a little conformist (there's lots of disagreement, of course, but it's often disagreement within a narrow scope, and there's always a dominating fashion of "How to Record, and With What Gear").

Reading your posts I have a strange feeling of a new presence, of a top notch professional, and a fully actualized personality, walking in and shaking the cage bars up a bit. Clearly you know audio production as well as anyone, clearly you're unaffected by gear trends, and clearly you approach things holistically (referring in turn to gear issues, music issues and autobiographical/personal issues)... at least that's the sense I have reading your posts.

So I guess what I'm saying is thanks very much for shining that personal light of yours around in this place, and esp. for the above post. Great stuff.