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I have one prissey, little, flaming, bed wetter R&B singer that can't get into the vibe with headphones on. I usually take 2 Genelec 1032's, flip one out of phase, and stick them directly to the left & right of a ribbon mic like a RCA44, Aea44, or the like. I also try to mute any tracks that the artist will let me get away with, in case we plan on doing "drops" later. The ribbon mic is great at rejecting sounds from the left & right. You still get bleed, but it's minimized. For a talkback, instead of routing, I use a pair of cheap ass walkietalkie's I got from toy's r us.

"Breaker, Breaker Good buddy, That take sucked. Watch your pitch, and open your throat wider to get some tone going, over"