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Old 15th December 2012
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I love that LN is getting better and better.

Will test further all the new features but from my initial feelings this update is really good. I'm so glad it's maturing and this only means it will be more and more used over here.

Before I had some rare hiccups that required restarting the SW but after testing the new version for some time there isn't any in sight.

Also the live improvisation works flawlessly now and is just amazing!

For the price on sale now it's an fantastic deal for anyone interested in composing better music using midi.

Before I was getting more and vsts doing the sameish VA sounds or libraries costing way more that this great SW but once I started to work with LN I got better and more diverse results with the tools I already had as it provided way more inspiration than just "new toy honeymoon".

Can't wait to see what LN becomes and what these guys do next