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I can answer one thing right away.....

Originally Posted by Jules ➡️
Hi Bruce

In your career you must have worked many ways, with a conductor leading an orchestra, with jazz band leaders who lead from their position in the band - early days midi - right the way through to modern day BPM "grid locked" computerised click tracks that you can see on the computer screen.

Can you give us an insight on how your sessions, past and present day work with regards to tempo & timing?

(for example did you used to edit 2" tape to fix late drum hits? And how do you do it now)

Thank you,

This is one of those questions that will require a bit of thought on my part....

I can answer one thing right away - I have never edited 2 inch tape to fix drum hits. I have always had the luxury of working with drummers that don't make late drum hits!!!

Tempo and timing is a big issue. I'll get back to it...