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New version: Instrument library and track assignment in Liquid Notes

Instrument library and track assignment

Yesterday we released an important update of Liquid Notes, the intelligent composing assistant that helps you with chords, scales and harmonic movement. You can now assign instruments to each track, or change the instruments saved in a MIDI-file.

This enables you to work without a sequencer and to get to results fast and fairly flexible.

For those who don't know Liquid Notes yet, here are some of its key features:

- Intelligent harmonic analysis and reharmonization for the manipulation of chord functions, substitutions, tensions, as well as harmonic movement/cadences of multi-track MIDI arrangements, with only a few clicks.
- “Effect optimization” of your compositions by comprehensive harmonic variation.
- Flawless live improvisation and melody creation on a MIDI keyboard through auto-correction of wrong notes in real time.
- Harmonic adjustment of new instrumental tracks in the arrangement.
- Use prearranged music templates of different styles to create your compositions from scratch.
- Automatic multi-track MIDI routing to all major sequencers. No connection via VST, AU, or RTAS necessary.
- Built-in synthesizers to run the program independently from any additional music software.

Liquid Notes is available for Mac and Windows. It works with all DAW's or standalone.

You can download Liquid Notes on our website! Or buy it here.

Purpose and advantage of the instrument library
The instrument library includes a satisfying amount of basic instruments, ranging from percussion to bass, leads, pads, mallets, classical instruments, and a variety of other sounds.

Here is an overview of the most important advantages:
  • You are on the go and need to quickly improve your composition/production with Liquid Notes.
  • You don't use sequencers but you still want to work on music.
  • You are not able to connect to your hard drive which contains your sequencer's sound and instrument library.
  • You don't have the time or desire to open your sequencer to work on your composition.

Further, a MIDI-filter enables you to filter MIDI-events by type. This prevents that information concerning devices and software connected with Liquid Notes is not manipulated unintentionally.

Here's a video of the instrument library in action:

Liquid Notes Xmas Special
We would like to say thank you for all the feedback provided so far and give you something in return: Liquid Notes is now available for EUR 99.-- (incl. 20% VAT) / USD 109.-- (excl. sales tax) until December 31, 2012. To redeem this discount please enter "XMAS2012" at checkout - simply press the "buy-button on our website.

You can find more information about the Xmas Special in this article.

Other changes
The update of Liquid Notes brings along a range of improvements in usability, analysis, reharmonization, and installation. Also, some known bugs have been corrected - most importantly, no restart is required after updating Liquid Notes.

Download, Feedback and Support
Download Liquid Notes here, or buy it on our website! If your trial period expired already, you can ask for reactivation direct inside Liquid Notes after starting the software.

For feedback and support please reach out to [email protected]!

Enjoy the best Liquid Notes so far!

Re-Compose Team