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Tape recommendation for Tascam 22-2

I just bought a restored working 22-2 from ebay

Ok so the seller says 456 is fine. But then i read in some recording forum that consumer decks like 22-2 is more compatible with 1 mil thickness tape like 407.

So I checked Quantegy site but couldnt find what's the difference between 406/407 and 408. Anyone care to clear the air?

I am not really worried about the sound fidelity, noise or anything. Anyway my intention is to use this machine as an outboard effect to add a gritty home recording sound to my project. Not as a mastering deck tutt

So is 407 the most compatible? What others do you guys recommend?

And where's the cheapest place to order 7" reel tape online with international shipping?

(sorry I'm a total tape virgin heh )