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Dunno man... The HD io's I worked on didn't sound nearly as good as the Lynx's I worked on, which were never as warm as the apogee stuff I worked on... I was definitely impressed with the sound of the Echos for the $500 price point... but Im now forced to compare $500 apples with $5000 apples.

If I were to mix entirely in the box and just spit out a few channels to a couple comps or eq's... then maybe I would stay with the echos... but there is definitely some type of smearing happening the more channels I start using on them. I spent a lot of time on only 8 of the 12 channels of the AF12 before I bought an AF8 and subsequently a bigger (and better) summing system. I moved to 12 then 24 outputs. Some sessions bridged those transitional gaps. I can say in full confidence, the more AF channels I was using, the less I liked the sonics. It just my take.
I know exactly what you mean mrbibidy, I can hear differences, you can, most engineers/producers can, but I don't agree with how things are said here on Gearslutz.

Like saying: "my room leans more on the professional side (money making intended) and my clients more on the commercial end so my Echo's, as convenient as they were, aren't cutting the mustard any more."

Did any of your clients complained about your sound quality? If they did, I bet ALL MY GEAR, it wasn't the converters fault.

Do you know what I mean?

I'm not saying you're not a great engineer or that you shouldn't get better gear if you can, but I'm really annoyed on how things are said here.

Too many great sounding records where mixed using crappy converters into analog gear (crappy for today's standards)... and the Echos sound way better than most of the old converters. But again... I believe you when you say you can hear something when you stack up a lot of it's D/As... I did use it with 16 outs, but only a couple of times and doing rock/metal stuff... also, my monitoring wasn't any good back then... and whatever it did to mess up my sound, it still sounded way better (more depth and punch) when using it's D/A into my passive summing mixer + analog compressors, EQs, etc...