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Dude, I had a pair of AF (8 and 12) for four years, on a 100% commercial studio... and the never complained about the sound.
I've recorded and mixed records on stuff from 001 to Symphonys... and I REALLY, SERIOUSLY don't believe converters "don't cut" or will make a record sound bad.
But anyways... I do rock and metal... if you're on the clean/classical side.. yeah... you might complain.
Dunno man... The HD io's I worked on didn't sound nearly as good as the Lynx's I worked on, which were never as warm as the apogee stuff I worked on... I was definitely impressed with the sound of the Echos for the $500 price point... but Im now forced to compare $500 apples with $5000 apples.

If I were to mix entirely in the box and just spit out a few channels to a couple comps or eq's... then maybe I would stay with the echos... but there is definitely some type of smearing happening the more channels I start using on them. I spent a lot of time on only 8 of the 12 channels of the AF12 before I bought an AF8 and subsequently a bigger (and better) summing system. I moved to 12 then 24 outputs. Some sessions bridged those transitional gaps. I can say in full confidence, the more AF channels I was using, the less I liked the sonics. It just my take.