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what you're saying is that when the machine is recording on any given track the output which i am monitoring is actually the input and not "off the tape" from the repro head, thus i will not experience latency, am i correct?


OK, no tape machine for you. Seriously. As F said, go get some Fatso Jr.s - you'll be much happier. Getting a tape machine requires lots of knowlege which you are still lacking and it will take a looong time to learn. You will only end up being frustrated with the alignment, maintenance, cost and use of said machine.

Oh the pain... To answer your question, No/Yes. No: The reproducer head was not mentioned nor is it used during recording. Yes, the signal you are hearing once the big red button is pushed and illuminated, will be, how to put it - the input signal to that track so you won't get, as you say, "the sound" off the tape until you play the track back after the take.

Like I said, step ONE is to go research, theeen, ask questions here.
Start here:
then poke around:

After you learn the theory, you may need to learn the maintenance unless you're paying someone to do that. IF you're taking that project on: